Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gym Rakyat Butterworth Aerobic Exercise

I think most of the ladies/women's around here doesn't know that this gym also have the space or facilities for aerobic, as we know they are 2 storey at this gym. If any ladies / women's group that are interested in aerobic can talk to the Chairman of this Gym Rakyat Butterworth.

Why I brought up this issue, is that I found out that there are no information out there stating that this gym rakyat butterworth also has aerobic classes for the ladies/women's. I seen some of the ladies using it but I think most of them doesn't know that this gym also provides space for aerobic.

As the space are quite spacious in gym rakyat butterworth for the aerobic exercise.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gym Rakyat Butterworth Chairman

About Encik Hashim the chairman itself for this Gym, very nice man & very very helpful in all means.
Ex bodybuilder, Encik Hashim will help out if you need any assistance on using the equipment, technique, diet info & etc etc. I personally learn a lot from him. Frankly speaking down to earth person & I personally learning from him in all aspect.

Encik Hashim (Chairman)

104,Jalan Pantai,Butterworth,

Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Tel :0194121110


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gym Rakyat Butterworth Photo Gallery

Mr. Shariff, 1 of the Pioneer member in this GYM Rakyat. By Profession Police Officer . Mr.Shariff also AJK of this Gym & also act's as trainer/guide for new member of this gym which some doesn't know how to use the equipment & etc etc.

Mr.Shariff acts also as trainer in this GYM.

Mr.Shariff are 50++ look at his body! could you belived he's in his 50's ??
Mr.Shariff starts his workout in this gym & still here till today.

Mr.Pian also 1 of the pioneer here, very helpful if you need any help in conducting the gym equipment or technique of weightlifting from him. Mr.Pian did help me out on the techniques, very helpful person. Thank you to him.

Mr.Pian by profession Warden Officer & his workout are here......

Mr.Rusli, 1 of the Pioneer in this Gym by profession Custom Officer.

Mr.Rusli starts his workout in this gym & still here......

Mr.Rusli also AJK of this Gym & also act's as trainer/guide for new member of this gym which some doesn't know how to use the equipment & etc etc.

Mr. Kanda 1 of the veteran member here in GYM Rakyat Butterworth. At the age of 60+ look how he looks like !!

Mr.Kanda Antique Bicycle which is still working well on the road. 1 of the icon of this gym rakyat butterworth. Mr.Kanda also cum caretaker of this Gym & also act's as trainer/guide for new member of this gym which some doesn't know how to use the equipment & etc etc.

Who Goes To Gym, Why & Whats ?

Being more active is not just about going to a gym. It’s about:

@Walking instead of driving or getting a bus
@Taking the stairs instead of the lift if you’re travelling one or two floors
@Walking briskly instead of dawdling
@A mindset and about developing your own ‘active habits’.

Did you know that adults should aim to exercise at for least 30 minutes, five times a week? If you have children, did you realise that they should exercise for 60 minutes a day?

Go on do something. Start your healthy regime today.

Before you get to the gym, take the time to ask yourself, “Why am I going to the gym?” What’s my fitness goal?

If you don’t know why you are there, then you lack purpose; nothing great has ever been achieved without a sense of purpose. You may retort that you are there to lose weight, tone up, or get stronger. On the surface, these reasons appear to be obvious and compelling. However, it has been my experience that these aren’t the reasons why people go to the gym. These are “whats” but not “whys.”

It’s important to know the difference between “whats” and “whys” when setting your fitness goals. “Whats” are superficial and always fade. “Whys,” on the other hand, are more stable motivating forces that can lead to positive behavioural and lifestyle changes. “Whys” are usually born out of a desire to change something that’s perceived as negative in favour of something that permits a better body image.

Over the years, I’ve learned that a person’s spoken reason or motivation for going to the gym may be to lose weight, but their unspoken reasons are WHY they’re there in the first place. For example, they may want to lose weight so that they can play soccer with their kids, walk around the block without feeling out of breath, feel comfortable in their skin or in a two-piece swimsuit, or attract the attention of a husband or wife again. There are many reasons for why someone joins a gym, but you can bet that none of them revolve around being able to lift a 25-pound dumbbell or being able to run on a treadmill. Your goals for joining a gym probably have a lot more to do with wanting to improve the life that you live outside it.

Knowing your goals for why you’re going to the gym doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful in your quest for a better body, but not knowing almost certainly guarantees that you will fail.

You can’t reach a goal before you take the time to properly identify and set one. In this sense, failure is not the result of falling short of your goal, but the result of not having a goal to reach.

Know what you want and above all why it’s important. How will you feel if you don’t reach your fitness goals? What’s the biggest obstacle to achieving your fitness goals?
These are hard questions, but you need to ask them and answer them if you really want to improve your fitness and build a better body. Once motivation is properly identified, it must be carefully nurtured and directed to bring about the desired change. Your fitness goal helps to determine which principles you must follow to achieve it. These goal specific principles directly inform the selection, sequence, dose, and frequency of the best fitness methods you can choose.. What’s your plan for success? You do have one, right?
Indeed, there are many people; you may even know a few, that spend time at the gym. If your fitness goals are socially oriented, that approach may work for you too. If your fitness goals are results-oriented, however, what you do at the gym and how you do it is infinitely more important than the amount of time that you spend there.

There are four different types of people who go to the gym; bodybuilders, prissy girls, health concern & athletes.

Prissy girls. These are the girls at the gym who always match their clothing. They coordinate their sports bra top with their tight spandex pants. Their hair is in a perfect pony-hair, their make-up is freshly done, and their new manicure looks great. Socializing is the prissy girl’s main focus at the gym. They walk around giggling with their friends, scoping out the guys. If they do use the gym equipment, it is likely you will find them walking on the treadmills or doing a few sit-ups. The prissy girls never push themselves to work hard and it is very unlikely that they break a sweat. The gym is a big waste of money for these girls.In conclusion, the four types of people found at the gym; the bodybuilders, the prissy girls, health concern & the athletes, all have a different purpose for going to the gym. The bodybuilders go to the gym so they can look like “The Hulk”, the prissy girls go to the gym to socialize and try to find a date for Saturday night, health concern persons more towards their health & the athletes go to get a good work-out and get it (U know what I mean) :)

Thats the facts of it.......just my 2cents

Monday, January 4, 2010

1 Of The Best Gym In Penang? Gym Rakyat Butterworth !

I think it's not too much for me to say that Gym Rakyat Butterworth is the Best Gym Rakyat in Penang compare to other gym rakyat in this state as I went through a few but not all of them.

I can consider it as value for your money if we are going to compare the price & the equipment. As we know uncomparable with others high rated gym (fully aircondition) & the price also are good ! RM120 above !!!! which only the affordable goes there.

RM20 monthly & fully equipped gym ? Thats good deal though!

Fully Equipped Gym Rakyat Butterworth (Basic)

Quite amazing, recently at this gym a few new equipment comes in such as the Trekmill, Cycle & few others which I can say it full equipped gym with all basic things for a gym.

Appreciate the support from Kementerian Belia & Sukan on getting some brand new gym equipment to this Gym Rakyat Butterworth.

I'm sorry I was quite busy lately, I will also update on the pictures as promised on my previous posting...!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

History Of Gym

The word (gymnasion) was used in Ancient Greece, meaning a locality for both physical and intellectual education of young men (ancient Greece). The later meaning of intellectual education persisted in German and other languages to denote a certain type of school providing secondary education, the Gymnasium, whereas in English the meaning of physical education was pertained in the word gym.

The Greek word gymnasium means "place to be naked" and was used in ancient Greece to designate a locality for the education of young men, including physical education (gymnastics, i.e. exercise) which was customarily performed naked, as well as bathing, and studies. For the Greeks, physical education was considered as important as cognitive learning. Most Greek gymnasia had libraries that could be utilized after relaxing in the baths.

Gymnasia (i.e., places for gymnastics) in Germany were an outgrowth of the Turnplatz, an outdoor area for gymnastics, promoted by German educator Friedrich Jahn and the Turners, a nineteenth-century political and gymnastic movement. The first indoor gymnasium in Germany was probably the one built in Hesse in 1852 by Adolph Spiess, an enthusiast for boys' and girls' gymnastics in the schools.

In the United States, the Turner movement thrived in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The first Turners group was formed in Cincinnati in 1848. The Turners built gymnasia in several cities like Cincinnati and St. Louis which had large German American populations. These Gyms were utilized by adults and youth. For example, a young Lou Gehrig would frequent the Turner gym in New York City with his father.

Gymnasia in the United States however predate the Turner movement. A public gymnasium movement sprung up in the 1820s and 1830s but was eclipsed by the growth of school, college, and the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) gymnasia. The first college gymnasium probably was the one built at Harvard University in 1820. Although privately owned, it was maintained for the use of the students. Like most of the gymnasia of the period, it was equipped with gymnastic apparatus. The United States Military Academy at West Point built a gym during the same era. A few other American colleges built gyms by the 1850s. Harvard opened a new brick gymnasium in 1860 with two bowling alleys and dressing rooms in addition to the gymnastic facility.

YMCA first organized in Boston 1851 with a smaller branch opened in Rangasville in 1852. Ten years later there were some two hundred YMCAs across the country, most of which provided gymnasia for exercise and games and social interaction.

The 1920s was a decade of prosperity that witnessed the building of large numbers of public high schools with gymnasiums, an idea founded by Nicolas Isaranga. Over the course of the twentieth century, gymnasia have been reconceptualized to accommodate the popular team and individual games and sports that have supplanted gymnastics in the school curriculum.

Today, having a gymnasium is typical for virtually all American colleges and high schools, as well almost all middle and many elementary schools. These facilities are utilized for physical education, intramural sports and for interscholastic athletics. In recent years, newer high schools use the terms sportatorium (taken from the name of a few sporting venues in the country) or "multi-purpose room," indicating the gymnasium is used both for sports and non-sporting events.